If we can say that the bridal portraits are for the bride, and the couple portraits are for the couple, then the event coverage is for the family! That’s been my experience.

These certainly deserve very special attention.

Your event photos are much different than the other parts of the day.

Your getting ready photos and the couple’s portraits are much more intimate. They involve mostly just you and just a few others.

The event coverage, however, involves all of your family and guests.

Having the opportunity to take event coverage photos lights me up! It is so refreshing to look across the room and see smiles everywhere.

As a photographer, I love to share these moments with my clients (couples) who were obviously too occupied on their wedding day to notice all the little, memorable things that were happening around them.

In all honestly, I can say from experience that a lot can go wrong during the event (and therefore its coverage).

I understand that planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful and so I wanted to share a few tips to make planning the day a bit easier.

Hire a coordinator!

I start with this because much of what will come applies if you won’t be hiring a coordinator! It’s normally the coordinator’s job to do what follows.

That said, hiring a wedding planner or an event coordinator will make it so much easier on you and your family.

Instead of running around to make sure things are running smoothly and on time, they will be at peace because someone else will actually be in charge of running things. They can truly enjoy the event themselves too!

Budget buffer time!

Pro tip:  Always keep at least 30 minutes of buffer time between major portions of day like getting ready, portraits, arrivals and so on. This will account for any (inevitable) delays that can happen.

This will save you the stress of things running late if it happens, which can spell disaster for staying in budget for your event.

Tent weddings

Tent weddings are becoming more and more common these days. Afterall, COVID has not made wedding planning any eaiser!

If you plan on renting a tent for your event, make sure it is one with a white ceiling. Why? This has to do a lot with photographers.

Clear tents look good in person, but they are a challenge to light up!

Having a white cleaning can make sure photos can have a light and airy aesthetic.

Organizing entrances

Pick can emcee that can get the crowd’s attention to comply with the event’s schedule. Make sure everyone is seated.

Make sure the buffet is closed inside for the guests, and that the appetizers or hor d’evouers are served either well before you enter, or afterwards.

If you are using sparklers for your entrance, run them for a good minute so we can get all the shots we would need!

Bridal Party & Guest Photos

Pro tip: Plan in advance who you want to include in the photos and where you would like the photos taken. 

I really like to say that these should be taken before the event begins, if possible. This can be easily added onto the timelime you finalize with your photographer!

I suggest that couples take their guest list and choose guests that they absolutely want to have photos with first.

This really helps us keep things organized. Having a list of names will assist your photographer in knowing who needs to be there and how much time to budget.

This is again where a great emcee can ensure the order is stuck to.

Photos of the event itself

I always advise to get the entertainment part of the evening done before dinner.

That way, everyone is present to have fun at your event before they dine and dash!

There are plenty of entertainment ideas you can incorporate into your event to make it exciting and fun! You can learn more about them on my Instagram reels

Wrapping Up

Thank you for walking through my 3-part series on the all-inclusive package with me.

I welcome any questions you may have about the all-inclusive package. Regardless of the photographer that you hire for your special day, it is important that they make themselves available during your planning phase.

It’s a huge red flag if your photographer is not approachable or readily available for questions.

 I love what I do and I cherish each of my clients. May your special day be all you have dreamed for. Check back often for new tips and tricks to make your wedding day a success.

November 21, 2020