If you’re a bride planning a nikkah this summer and are worried about taking pictures before your nikkah – I’ve got our back!

This is something a lot of brides don’t think about when planning, and a lot of couples end up skipping their pre-event shoots outdoors pre-nikkah or even on the mehendi day since they can’t hold hands or do a lot of the common poses you see in photos. 

Everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to pre-nikkah, but many couples want absolutely no touching – which is okay! Aside from some shots like holding hands, foreheads touching, whispering in the ear, etc – which are the shots you typically see – there are tons of poses you can do that are 100% halal-gap friendly! In fact, probably about 80% of the posing can be done without the couple being too close to each other, so you don’t have to sacrifice your couple shoot!

Here are some inspo pictures of poses you can share with your photographer or videographer for your shoot.

Twirl shots (aka my favorite ones):

One person sits and one stands:

Standing beside each other and looking in various directions (away, towards each other, lots of possibilities with this one!)

Shots standing apart, with a natural divide at your shoot location (like stairs, a bench, nature elements):

Use nature and architecture to your advantage here!

Staggered shots with one person in the front and one behind:

Back to back or behind each other – there are lots of possible variations with this pose as well:

I hope this gives you some inspiration when planning your shoot! Remember, your photographer is there for your special day – make sure you communicate what you want and what you’re comfortable with!

February 15, 2024